"The Fur Coat" Lost Episode from The Amos n Andy Show DVD

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"The Fur Coat" Lost Episode from The Amos n Andy Show DVD


"The Fur Coat" episode of "The Amos 'n Andy Show" had been missing since 1951 - it hadn't been seen for 63 years! We found it in October 2014 and now it can be yours. Enhanced Remaster for crisp black & white picture, 9.5 of 10 quality!

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After years of searching
"The Fur Coat"
has been found!

We are proud to have acquired this rare film and are offering the remastered, enhanced DVD at the introductory price of $29.95. After finally acquiring the film, we employed the best technicians and absolute latest technology to remaster and enhance the picture. The quality of the episode is 9.5 of 10 with crisp blacks and whites. I know this will become one of your favorite episodes. It begins with Sapphire loudly scolding and shaking her finger at the "KingFish!"

Recent customers can call 800-890-4005 to complete their collections for only $20 each with free shipping for the "Fur Coat" and/or "Sapphire's Sister".


                                      Free Bonus 

With the purchase of the "Amos n Andy" Box Set, get an
additional 26 episodes of "Sam and Henry" and "Amos n Andy"
from 1926. As great as the comedy is, my favorite parts are the musical guest stars! The advertising is also great and will remind
you of just how different the world is today. Charles Correll and Freeman Gosden had the longest running series in American broadcast history,
from its beginning as "Sam and Henry" to "Amos n Andy" and the
"Amos n Andy Music Hall." Work would 
halt and movie theaters would 
actually stop the movie until 
"Amos n Andy" was over. It was an
phenomenon in American entertainment history!