Why The Amos 'n Andy TV Show Should Be Taken Off The Air

NAACP Bulletin
August 15, 1951


"It tends to strengthen the conclusion among uninformed and prejudiced people that Negroes are inferior, lazy, dumb and dishonest.


Every character in this one and only TV show with an all Negro cast is either a clown or a crook.


Negro doctors are shown as quacks and thieves.


Negro lawyers are shown as slippery cowards, ignorant of their profession and without ethics.


Negro Women are shown as cackling, screaming shrews, in big mouthed close-ups, using street slang, just short of vulgarity


All Negroes are shown as dodging work of any kind.


Millions of white Americans see this Amos 'n" Andy picture of Negroes and think the entire race is the same."

The truth is, Amos 'N Andy was no more demeaning to African Americans than The Beverly Hillbillies was demeaning to southern whites. Perhaps, we will collectively learn to lighten up, not get so bent out of shape, and learn to laugh at ourselves a little more. So lets sit back, relax, and read more about Amos and Andy!