The Amos n Andy Show "Sapphire's Sister" Lost Episode DVD

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The Amos n Andy Show "Sapphire's Sister" Lost Episode DVD


The forth season Amos n Andy episode, "Sapphire's Sister" has been recently found and can be acquired for only $29.95. We will be offering this with the complete collection soon and anyone that already has our set can contact us to receive and lost episodes for $20 with Free Shipping. .

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We are proud to have acquired this rare film and are offering the remastered, enhanced DVD at the introductory price of $29.95. After finally acquiring the film, we employed the best technicians and absolute latest technology to remaster and enhance the picture. The quality of the episode is 9.5 of 10 with crisp blacks and whites. This will become one of your favorite episodes.

Recent customers can call 800-890-4005 to complete their collections for only $20 each with free shipping for the "Fur Coat" and/or "Sapphire's Sister".