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  Tony Ward Character And Episode
“Joe, the crook”
“Frankie, the crook”
“Kingfish Buys A Chair”
“Jewelry Store Robbery”
Tony Ward was born Anthony Warde on 11/04/1908 in Pennsylvania and died in Hollywood, CA on 01/08/1975.

  Edith Whitman Character And Episode
“Gloria Farnsworth”
“Mrs. Van Pelt”
“The Birthday Card”
“The Society Party”

  Frank Wilcox Character And Episode
“Harry Harrington” “The Happy Stevenses”
Frank Wilcox was born on 03/13/1907 in De Soto, MO and died in Granada Hills, CA on 03/03/1974.

  Arnett Williams Character And Episode
“The police officer” “The Light Blue Car”

  Milton Wood Character And Episode
“John Bentley”
“Mr. Harper, the test administrator”
“Maitre d’ ”
“The floorwalker”
“Mr. Carter, the drugstore cashier”
“The doctor”
“Mr. Fredericks”
“Eddie Cooper”
“The Lodge Brothers Complain”
“Kingfish Finds His Future”

“The Birthday Card”
“The Christmas Story”
“The Girl Upstairs”

“Kingfish Gets Amnesia”
“Andy Falls In Love With An Actress”
“The Meal Ticket”

  Sonny Woods Character And Episode
“The tailor”
“The Antique Shop”
“Second Honeymoon”

  Will Wright Character And Episode
“Jennings” “Counterfeiters Rent The Basement”
Will Wright was born on 03/26/1894 in San Francisco, CA and died on 06/19/1962 of cancer.

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