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Moore - Walker

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  Tamiwitta Moore Character And Episode
“Colette” “Vive La France”

  James Payne Character And Episode
“The desk clerk”
“Drugstore customer”
“Sound effects man”
“The psychiatrist”
“The Convention”
“The Girl Upstairs”
“New Neighbors”
“The Society Party”

  Lillian Randolph Character And Episode
“Caroline’s mother”
“Madame Queen”
“Madame Queen”
“Counterfeiters Rent The Basement”
“The Young Girl’s Mom”
“Madame Queen’s Voice”
See Filmography page for more information about Lillian Randolph.

  Amos Reese Character And Episode
“Mr. Foster”
“Lt. Robbins”
“Mr. Benson, the government agent”
“Sam, the park policeman”
“Mr. Holbrook of the Blue Slipper Night Club”
“Mr. Baxter”
“Mr. Ralph R. Bradshaw of the Bureau of Internal Revenue”
“Mr. Thorndyke”
“Deputy Sheriff Williams”
“Mr. Peterson”
“Police officer”
“Policeman” (unnamed)
“Superfine Brush”
“Leroy’s Suits”
“The Broken Clock”

“The Society Party”
“Seeing Is Believing”

“The Insurance Policy”
“Income Tax”

“The Diner”
“Getting Mama Married-Part II”
“Leroy Lends A Hand”
“Sapphire Disappears”
“Jewelry Store Robbery”

  Syd Saylor Character And Episode
“Uniformed man” “Arabia”
Syd Saylor was born Leo Sailor on 03/24/1895 in Chicago, IL and died in Hollywood, CA on 12/12/1962 of a heart attack.

  Maceo Sheffield Character And Episode
“Sam Matson”
“Mr. Davis”
“The Boarder”
“Sapphire Disappears”

  Napoleon Simpson Character And Episode
“Reverend Johnson”
“Mr. Simmons”
“Amos Helps Out”
“The Christmas Story”

  Emmett E. Smith Character And Episode
“Cousin Leo”
“Suzanne’s old sweetheart”
“Mac Johnson”
“The Antique Shop”
“The Classified Ad”
“Father By Proxy”

  Tom Southern Character And Episode
“The doctor” “The Adoption”

  Vincent Townsend Character And Episode
“The judge”
“The landlord”
“Mr. Thompson”
“Mr. Prescott”
“The second judge”
“The reverend”
“Mr. Perkins, the broker”
“The judge”
“Mr. Brokaw”
“Party guest”
“Rare Coin” (Pilot episode)
“Kingfish Gets Drafted”
“Call Lehigh 4-9900”
“Traffic Violations”
“Ready-Made Family”
“The Invisible Glass”
“The Eyeglass”
“Kingfish Sells A Lot”
“Quo Vadis”

  Bill Walker Character And Episode
“The doctor”
“Mr. Winslow”
“1st Detective”
“Mr. Gladstone”
“Bro. Thompson”
“Mr. Samuels”
“Clothing salesman”
“Man on train”
“Hospitalization ”
“The Winslow Woman”
“The Ballet Tickets”
“Kingfish Finds His Future”
“The Classified Ad”
“The Convention”
“Mr. Jackson Comes To Town”
“The Girl At The Station”
Bill Walker was born William Arlen Walker on 01/28/1917 in Oregon and died in Lancaster, CA on 01/04/1992.

  Ray Walker Character And Episode
“The auctioneer” “Kingfish Buys A Chair”
Ray Walker was born on 08/10/1904 in Newark, NJ and died in Los Angeles, CA on 10/06/1980 of heart failure.

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