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  Paul Harvey Character And Episode
“The judge” “Relatives”
Paul Harvey was born on 09/10/1882 in IL and died in Los Angeles, CA on 12/05/1955 of coronary thrombosis.

  Roz Hayes Character And Episode
“La Chiquita”
“Miss Benjamin”
“Miss Sadie Williams”
“Florence Miller”
“Party guest”
“The Society Party”
“Call Lehigh 4-9900”
“Amos Helps Out”
“Second Honeymoon”
“Quo Vadis”

  Bob Johnson Character And Episode
“The hotel clerk”
“The milkman”
“The bellhop”
“The drugstore waiter”
“The photographer”
“The orderly”
“The Antique Shop”
“The Ballet Tickets”
“The Piggy Bank”
“The Convention”
“The Girl Upstairs”
“The Light Blue Car”
“Andy Falls In Love With An Actress”
“The Girl At The Station”
“The Meal Ticket”
“Father By Proxy”

  Walter Wolf King Character And Episode
“Mr. Wentworth” “Kingfish At The Ball Game”
Walter Wolf King was born on 11/02/1899 in San Francisco, CA and died in Los Angeles, CA on 10/24/1984 of a heart attack.

  Walter Kingsford Character And Episode
“Mr. Wilton” “Rare Coin” (Pilot episode)
Walter Kingsford was born on 09/20/1881 in Red Hill, Surrey, England and died on 02/07/1958 of a heart attack.

  Jeni LeGon Character And Episode
“Daphne Jackson”
“Cynthia Barry”
“Rosemary De Winters”
“Mabel Johnson”
“Carlota Drake”
“Kingfish's Secretary”
“Andy Falls In Love With An Actress”
“The Happy Stevenses”
“The Lodge Brothers Complain”
“”Call Lehigh 4-9900
Jeni LeGon was born in Chicago, IL in 1916 and may still be living.

  Jacqueline Levy Character And Episode
“The saleswoman” “The Society Party”

  Forrest Lewis Character And Episode
“Mr. Wilson” “Income Tax”
Forrest Lewis was born on 03/05/1899 in Knightstown, IN and died on 06/02/1977 in Burbank, CA of a heart attack.

  Paul Maxey Character And Episode
“Geiger counter salesman” “The Uranium Mine”
Paul Maxey was born on 03/15/1907 in Wheaton, IL and died in Pasadena, CA on 06/03/1963 of a heart attack.

  Ernest Mayhand Character And Episode
“Huey Higgins, the confidence man” “The Convention”

  Sam McDaniel Character And Episode
“Reverend Carter”
“Reverend Carter”
“Mr. Cunningham”
“The public stenographer’s customer”
“Party guest”
“Getting Mama Married-Part I”
“Getting Mama Married-Part II”
“Call Lehigh 4-9900”
“Kingfish’s Secretary”

“Quo Vadis”
Sam McDaniel was the brother of Etta McDaniel and Hattie McDaniel. Samuel Rufus McDaniel was born on 01/28/1886 in Wichita, KS and died on 09/24/1962 of throat cancer.

  Arthur McNeely Character And Episode
“Mr. Johnson”
“Mr. Jackson”
“Dave, the man upstairs”
“Man at sales meeting”
“Prospective tenant”
“Boy’s father at stadium”
“Vacation Time”
“The Girl Upstairs”
“The Antique Shop”
“Leroy’s Suits”
“Superfine Brush”
“New Neighbors”
“Andy Falls In Love With An Actress”
“Kingfish At The Ball Game”

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