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  Ruby Dandridge Character And Episode
  “Henrietta Smith”
“Madame Duval”
“Phoebe Harris/Mrs. Smith”
“Kingfish's Secretary”
“Vive La France”
“Kingfish Gets Amnesia”
Ruby Dandridge was the mother of Vivian Dandridge and Dorothy Dandridge. She was born Ruby Jean Butler on 03/03/1900 in Memphis, TN and died in Los Angeles, CA on 10/17/1987.

  Dudley Dickerson Character And Episode
“Joe, the milkman”
“Joe, the barber”
“Joe, the shoeshine man”
“Brother Joe”
“Benson’s visitor”
“A dinner party guest”
“The Light Blue Car”
“Mr. Jackson Comes To Town”
“Leroy’s Suits”
“Kingfish Goes To Work”
“The Boarder”
“The Girl At The Station”
“The Classified Ad”
Dudley Dickerson was born on 11/27/1906 in OK and died in Lynwood, CA on 09/23/1968 of brain cancer.

  John Eldrege Character And Episode
“”Mr. Thorndyke
“Guest speaker”
“The Ballet Tickets”
“Kingfish Goes To Work”

  Dick Elliott Character And Episode
“C. Bromley, loan officer” “The Diner”
Dick Elliott was born on 04/30/1886 in Massachusetts and died on 12/22/1961.

  Douglas Evans Character And Episode
“Mr. Jorgenson” “The Diner”
Douglas Evans was born on 01/26/1904 and died on 03/25/1968.

  Verna Felton Character And Episode
“The nurse at the father’s clinic” “Kingfish Has A Baby”
Verna Felton was born on 07/20/1890 in Salinas, CA and died on 12/14/1966 of a stroke.

  Byron Foulger Character And Episode
“Mr. Hanson” “Income Tax”
Byron Foulger was born on 08/27/1899 in Ogden, UT and died in Hollywood, CA on 04/04/1970 of a heart condition.

  Marmetta France Character And Episode
“Suzanne Wilson” “The Classified Ad”

  Roy Glenn Character And Episode
“Breezy Benson”
“Bosworth Carruthers”
“Edward Mason, the voice coach”
“Security guard”
“Kingfish’s little Cousin Sidney”
“Sam Wolf Jackson”
“District Attorney”
“Roy, the arresting officer”
“Mr. Henderson”
“Mr. Foster”
“A party guest” (unnamed)
“Mr. Walker”
“Mr. Reynolds”
“The Boarder”
“Andy Falls In Love With An Actress”
“Madame Queen’s Voice”

“The Broken Clock”

“Quo Vadis”
“The Gun”
“Rare Coin”
“The Adoption”
“New Neighbors”
“Mr. Jackson Comes To Town”
“Kingfish Finds His Future”
“The Girl Upstairs”
“Andy Buys A House”
Roy Glenn was also the original voice of “Tony the Tiger” in the Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes commercial in the early 1950’s. Roy Glenn was born on 06/03/1914 in Pittsburg, KS and died in Los Angeles, CA on 03/12/1971 of a heart attack.

  Gladys Goodnight Character And Episode
“Marcella” “The Classified Ad”

  Jester Hairston Character And Episode
“Henry Van Porter”
      “               ”
      “               ”
      “               ”
“Grocery store man”
“Mr. Phillips”
“Mr. Montgomery”
“Employment agent”
“Rare Coin” (Pilot episode)
“Kingfish Gets Drafted”
“The Young Girl’s Mom”
“Jewelry Store Robbery”
“Leroy Lends A Hand”
“The Piggy Bank”
“The Adoption”
“New Neighbors”
“Kingfish Goes To Work”
See Filmography page for more information about Jester Hairston.

  George Hamilton Character And Episode
“The judge”
“The judge”
“Cousin Effie’s Will”
“Call Lehigh 4-9900”

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