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  Jane Adams Character And Episode
  “Ruby, Amos' wife”
      “               ”
      “               ”
      “               ”
“The Christmas Story”
“The Birthday Card”
“Andy The Godfather”
“Second Honeymoon”
Jane was born on August 7th, 1921 in San Antonio, TX and may still be living.

  Joe Adams Character And Episode
“Bill Jackson”
“Mr. Jackson Comes To Town"
“Kingfish Goes To Work”

  James Adamson Character And Episode
“The bill collector”
“2nd Detective”
“The cabdriver”
“The carpenter”
“The policeman with film”
“Party guest”
“The bailiff”
“Engagement Ring”
“The Ballet Tickets”
“The Boarder”
“Andy Falls In Love With An Actress”
“Jewelry Store Robbery”
“Andy Buys A House”
“Quo Vadis”
“The Gun”
  William James Adamson was born on 06/12/1896 in CA and died in Los Angeles, CA on 01/29/1956 of a heart attack.

Corney Anderson Character And Episode
“The bailiff”
“Sgt. Downey”
“The bailiff”
“The bailiff”
“Rare Coin” (Pilot episode)
“The Kingfish Gets Drafted”
“The Ballet Tickets”
“The Eyeglass”
“Cousin Effie’s Will”

  Lois Austin Character And Episode
  “Mrs. Wentworth”
“Harriett Harrington”
“Western Union operator”
“Kingfish At The Ball Game”
“The Happy Stevenses”
“Andy Gets A Telegram”
Lois Austin was born in Minneapolis, MN on 04/03/1901 and died on 04/26/1957.

  Edward Banks Character And Episode
“The judge”
“Dr. Wilkins”
“The Light Blue Car”
“The Classified Ad”

  Jay Brooks Character And Episode
“Mr. Marvin”
“The judge”
“Cousin Effie’s Will”
“Leroy’s Suits”
“The Uranium Mine”

  John Brown Character And Episode
“The loan shark” “Leroy Lends A Hand”
John Brown was born on 04/04/1904 in Hull, Yorkshire, England and died on 05/16/1957.

  Millie Bruce Character And Episode
“Carlotta Montgomery”
“Cynthia Mae”
“Woman’s club member”
“Income Tax”
“Ready-Made Family”
“The Young Girl's Mom”
“The Chinchilla Business”
“The Turkey Dinner”

  Norman Budd Character And Episode
“Frank, the crook” “Kingfish Buys A Chair”
Norman Budd was born on 01/27/1914 in Liverpool, England, UK and may still be living.

  Zelda Cleaver Character And Episode
“Juliet Williams”
“Mrs. Jackson”
“Clara Van Porter”
“Secretary at Lonely Hearts Club”
“Mrs. Helena Smithers”
“Women’s club member”
“A party guest”
“Engagement Ring”
“Kingfish Gets Drafted”
“Jewelry Store Robbery”
“Call Lehigh 4-9900”

“Getting Mama Married-Part II”
“The Turkey Dinner”
“The Girl At The Station”

  Willa Pearl Curtis Character And Episode
“Mrs. Elizabeth Winslow”
“Miss Barker, the drama coach”
“Jilted woman from Oregon”
“Mrs. Nelson, the domineering nurse”
“The Winslow Woman”
“Andy Falls In Love With An Actress”
“The Lodge Brothers Complain”
“Seeing Is Believing”
“Getting Mama Married-Part II”
“Father By Proxy”
Willa Pearl Curtis was born on 03/21/1896 in TX and died in Los Angeles, CA on 12/19/1970 of cerebral arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

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