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Phil Corp. > DVD Box Sets > "Amos 'n Andy", "Whole Kit n Caboodle" Complete DVD Box Set with the Sign


"Amos 'n Andy", "Whole Kit n Caboodle" Complete DVD Box Set with the Sign

This complete collection includes all 77 television episodes on DVD, including "The Fur Coat," and "Sapphire's Sister" (which can be found nowhere else), 137-page leatherette book, the "Amos 'n Andy" radio history CD, full size authentic "Mystic Knights of the Sea" lodge sign, "Check n Double Check" feature film DVD, and bonus historical documentary DVD.

Starring Alvin Childress (Amos), Spencer Williams (Andy), and Tim Moore ("Kingfish"), "The Amos 'n Andy Show" tv series air

Price: $363.95  Sale Price: $298.90  You Save: $65.05 (18%)

SAVE $100.00 Plus Free Shipping! Get the "Whole Kit n Caboodle" "Amos n Andy" Collection for the discounted price of only $298.90 with Free Shipping.

Includes Everything "Amos n Andy"
* Complete 77 TV Episode DVD Box Set
(Gold Embossed Leatherette Box)
(including "Fur Coat" found Oct. 2014) (DVD)
(also "Sapphire's Sister" found Dec. 2014 (DVD)
* 137 page bound booklet (lots of glossy photos)
* "Amos n Andy" History (CD)
(including "Sam and Henry" and the "AA Music Hall")
* You're own full size, authentic "Mystic Knights of the Sea"
Lodge Hall Sign (ready to hang)
* "Check n Double Check" (only feature film) (DVD)
* Bonus Historical Documentaries (DVD)

  Copyright 2009 Amosandy