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Phil Corp. > DVD Box Sets > "The Amos 'n Andy Show" Season 2


"The Amos 'n Andy Show" Season 2

Starring Alvin Childress (Amos), Spencer Williams (Andy), and Tim Moore ("Kingfish"), "The Amos 'n Andy Show" tv series aired from 1951-1953 on the CBS network.

This collection is professionally produced and transferred from original 16MM movie reels using real DVD digital disks technology.

Disc 5
17. Getting Mama Married Pt. 2
18. The Happy Harringtons
19. The Traffic Violations
20. Quo Vadis

Disc 6
21. The Turkey Dinner
22. The Diner
23. Ready Made Family
24. The Relatives

Disc 7
25. Andy Gets A Telegram
26. The Christmas Story
27. Kingfish's Last Friend
28. The Engagement Ring

Disc 8
29. The Eyeglasses
30. The Hospitalization Policy
32. The Broken Clock
33. The Ballet Tickets

Disc 9
34. The Border
35. Arabia
37. The Piggy Bank
38. Cousin Effie's Will

Disc 10
40. Kingfish Finds His Future
41. The Antique Shop
42. Kingfish Sells A Lot
43. The Birthday Card

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